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Using your authenticated SMTP outbound email in Outlook Express
You will need to know your SMTPAUTH username and password to use this service, you will have had these sent to you by email.
  1. In Outlook Express go to Tools->Accounts...
  2. Select the Mail tab.
  3. Double click on the default entry in the list.
  4. A properties window will pop up; click on the 'Servers' tab.
  5. Enter in the 'Outgoing mail (SMTP) tab'
  6. Put a tick in the 'My server requires authentication; the Settings button will un-grey.
  7. Click on the Settings button; an 'Outgoing Mail Server' window will appear.
  8. Select the 'Log on Using' radio button.
  9. Enter your SMTPAUTH username in the 'Account name' field.
  10. Enter your SMTPAUTH password in the 'Password' field.
  11. Ensure that the 'Remember Password' box is ticked.
  12. Click OK to close this box.
  13. Select the 'Advanced' tab on the Properties window (currently showing the 'General' tab).
  14. Change the 'Outgoing mail (SMTP)' field from 25 to 587.
  15. Click OK to close the Properties window.
  16. Click Close to close the accounts window.

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