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How do I add DNS-Engine name servers to my domain?


How do I add DNS-Engine name servers to my domain?


This example shows you how to add name server records to you domain using Prolateral’s Master DNS service.

  1. Log into the portal (
  2. Select the “DNS” TAB

  3. Domain Name Service Tab

  4. Select the “Primary DNS” TAB

  5. Primary DNS Service Tab

  6. Find the desired domain and select “Edit Records”.

  7. Edit zone records for domain name

  8. Select “Add Record” to add a row
  9. In the new row add the following
    Hostname = @
    Type = NS
    Server Address =

  10. Add the DNS-Engine Domain Name Servers as NS Records

  11. Repeat Step 6 for all DNS-Engine servers


This example shows you the extract of a zone file.

@    IN   NS
@    IN   NS
@    IN   NS
@    IN   NS
@    IN   NS

Note: Please remember to add the “.” on the end of the name.

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