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How to setup a Mail Relay in Zimbra 8.5


How to setup a Mail Relay in Zimbra 8.5?


Follow the guide below to configure Zimbra 8.5 to use outMail as a Internet Mail Relay. For older versions of Zimbra please see the "How to setup a Mail Relay in Zimbra 8.0.0" article

This article already assumes your Zimbra system is able to send emails externally and that you are already have a terminal connection to your server with the necessary access rights to manage and administor zimbra.

First you need to create a password file for zimbra to use. create a file called /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password and add the following lines to that file outMail-username:password

Once you have edited the file, a look file needs to be created

postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

To enable zimbra to use the outMail service at the prompt type the following

zmprov ms zimbraMtaRelayHost

zmprov ms zimbraMtaSmtpSaslPasswordMaps lmdb:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
zmprov ms zimbraMtaSmtpSaslAuthEnable yes
zmprov ms zimbraMtaSmtpCnameOverridesServername no
zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_use_tls=no
zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_sasl_security_options=noanonymous zmprov ms zimbraMtaSmtpSaslSecurityOptions noanonymous postconf -e smtp_sasl_mechanism_filter=plain,login postmap /etc/postfix/relay_passwd

To enable zimbra to use the outMail with a different SMTP port use the following command line

zmprov ms zimbraMtaRelayHost

For the above changes to take effect the zimbra service will need restarting (postix reload)

Summary of server details

Outgoing server

As provided in your signup email

Outgoing server protocol


Outgoing server port

25, 587, 2525 or 8025

Authentication Type

Basic Authentication


As provided


As provided

Uninstalling / Removing outMail

To change your outgoing SMTP server settings away from outMail simply follow the setup guide above and where asked to enter the outgoing SMTP mail server address and login credentials please use those provided to you for the service provider you are moving to.

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